Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tala Kaveri - Trek in Shola Paradise..

Next day morning we all got up by 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM the group was ready for the next day trek. Today we are going to Benjatuhole which is 8 kms from the forest guest house.  As we started walking inside forest side we reached 2 viewpoints where the group sat for a while and enjoyed every moments of it. A place like that one side with thick green pastures of vegetation and other side dry grass with pathway and in the front both mountain meet with bluish sky. It was quite beautiful and every moment of it can be felt truly. The place we sat it was slope with dry grass and the wind from the shola forest blows harder and every one of us pain of trekking to this spot was blown out by the splendid beauty of the place. The time was 11:35 Pm we reached benjatuhole a small stream inside forest . to reach this place we need to trek down in to the deep forest  and covered with huge evergreen trees of chola forest.

The group & the guide sat down together and discussing whether we need trek forward if we trek forward will the group can come back on time to the guest house. Taking  the group health and static condition we have decided to go back the same way we came from. The decision was wise and the result was felt when the group reached the forest guest house by 3:30 PM. Anup was badly hurt his leg he has bad cracks which gave more way experience the bad time. The entire group took rest for a while before we headed to end point kumbeyrangi  4kms from forest guest house.

Thanks to pratap – a very silent and patience organizer & thanks to BASC – Bangalore Asceders Club for arranging wonderful trek. I m looking forward to be part of more exploration like this….

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