Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jumanji 04 - The Entrance to the Paradise Lost

I had met sudhir in March 2011, when I completed my trek Jumanji 03.He was stating about Jumanji 04 and this time we wanted to explore the route to Sasipara – Kerala.It was raining that night in Chennai in end of June “ A ring came from Sudhir plans are on for Jumanji 04” I told sudir to give me advance notice so that I can book my tickets from Chennai.


As stated the call came from him, this time we have plan to explore Sasipara & Alakupuri waterfalls.I reached Bangalore on 02nd Night and joined the group. It was cold and hazy rain in Bangalore that day.We started our trek at 8.45 AM, The group dumped little things in the van which they can use it after coming back from the trek.


I started walking in the front, There was sound heard from the 3rd Steep climb. “ Ram can Join you, if you are going in the front”. Keerthana & myself started moving in the front faster, so that we can take small rest. Soon the group joined and see the below video which is entrance to the peak Tadiyanamol.


We completed our breakfast at 10.15 AM and the group started walking, we took sharp deviation from the rock, crossing the waterfalls, this time the group wanted to surpass the Tadiyanamol Peak. There was warning from sudhir given since we are getting in to the forest in Seasonal time. We need to come across Lot River, hence avoid bringing camera. “The place was cloudy, can see the raise of clouds from the below mountains and the path way which lead nowhere” The group reached a point, where we surpassed the Twin peak. The patch’s over the mountains where like bridges which connected us between nature’s hearts with our true feelings. Please see the below video recording for reference
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Jumanji - The Entoute to Sasipara - Paradise

“The time was 11.15 am, we reached junction point. The group was stunned by the View of the Tadiyanamol Peak, “The cloud that drifts away with green pasture”.


“Mist touch our heart with beautiful sound of the bird that has freedom fly across
boundaries” The wind was blowing from the other end, we saw group of Elephants.We waited for them to clear, as it was crossing our path way. Sorry we were crossing there path way .


My self Sudhir & suresh were walking in the front. We found dead snake. It was Krait is Black or bluish-black in colour with white narrow cross bands and a narrow head. Kraits are found only in Asia. It is 15 times more deadly than any common cobra. It is active at night and relatively passive during the day. The krait has a tendency to seek shelter in sleeping bags, boots and tents. Their habitat includes open fields, human settlements and dense jungle in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. We took it in twig and buried it in sand.

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Jumaji 4 - River Crossing Awesome Experience.


The time was running we were walking and out of the place where the elephants were standing before, At last we decide to follow the elephant path which really dangerous but no option was given. The path exactly goes inside the forest reach the river. As Sudhir and others were walking toward the river, we came across the the elephants & started going back.


The time 4.45 Pm, we waited for 15 min slowly. The path way was clear by that time and we reached the running river by 5.30 Pm. The group had the lunch close to the river and sudhir stated we need to do a night trek.


“Time was 6.00 PM, Jinu give a whistle. Get ready to cross river. Myself, Suresh, Sreraj, sudhir & Jinu entered the running river to gauge the depth of the river. “ Yipeeeeeee Yahoooooooooooooooooo”” It so chilling & freezing” We tied the rope One end to the other end of the tree, The group planned to pass on the bags 1st and then the people. We cherished and enjoyed every moments of the river crossing. Jumanji rocks.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jumanji 04 - No way back - Deadly.


Best is yet to come, during the entire trek we came across lot of Leech bites and
The trek after from river point till we slept was challenging and best part.We started walking in the dark, and all our light were switched on. Every step was
Filled with leech infected area, Jinu & sudhir got together and discussed about the GPS marking of the house which is 5 Kms from the river bed.

The group took the decision not stay inside the Jungle we started to walk; The group came dangerous and close attack black widow or Scorpion. People were cautioned and moved to safer place. The leeches were singing and drinking our blood. The time was running it was 9.00 PM; we were searching for a dry area were we can make night shift camp. The place was not found and still walking till 12.15 PM.

Chinmay help me “ Grab my hand I m not able to walk “ sound heard from vijaylakshmi. Sudhir stopped every 5 min of the trek after 10.00 pm, even he had given up need some rest. Ram utter words” Not able to walk, give me way. Let me walk in the front so that I will not get missed “ Ravi sound hey guy where are we camping, where we going now……. We can see opposite side of the mountain with Light burning, as the mist covered the place in front of us . As our hope of finding dry Land failed badly.


Meanwhile, Karthik “ tell I found a different route while we were coming up. Immediately Suhir & Jinu went along to see the place at 12.00 PM in the mid night.It was pitch dark, Leechs crawling our shoes, playing with our blood.


All the 9 people stayed together and Jinu Karthik & sudhir came back and stated
We found different route, need to check that one in the morning. The group went in to strong debate “ Every were we found Litter( Plastic bottles, Brandy covers , Plastic cover in the Jeep track which we follwed) Why should we go back ?

The place were we slept was close to small waterfalls and it porn to animals which come drink water. It was good lesson to us learnt the hard way, no one collected dry wood. Which in turn made feel so cold, not able make camp fire as the entire place was wet. The started to Sleep at 1.00 PM, sleeping in the middle of thick Jungle “ Every one were damn tried” “ There were there tarpons put across and each group had one person switched on dim light to have vigil of the entire night. If sound comes immediately we need to get up.
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Jumaji 4 - The Feel of True Nature


“Time was 4.30 AM, got up and it was raining suddenly. Every where getting on top us. We were not able to sleep that night. “6.00 AM see the below picture, I was thinking of my home, My mom wakes me up for coffee” “Here the nature delight giving us best of all challenges which kept us away from sleepless night.

“Time 7.30 AM , I was searching was good place to complete my morning
downloads. The best part whiling downloading you will surely get upload from leeches in unknown place of your body. Jinu & sreeraj also crossed me in search of the same place, while we completing the work. Jinu & Sreeraj scouted he place and came back to the group stated there is man made steeps going up.

“The time was 8.30 Am, the started to pack every thing and it was raining heavily and we started to walk toward the steps and The group was surprised. We came out of the thick Jungle and landed at a place called Kabe coorg, The closet place to kerala was 9 Km from the place we reached. Just See the below pictures & videos foir your reference.


Sudhir spoke with the local and arranged a guide to explore the place in kerala, but the was so tried and they stick to one decision not to go back. We also had time and food and good guide. No chance to go back and the group decided to go the village which close by and take the van back to good place to eat breakfast. The trek ended
With out exploring place to sasipara, but for sure we shall come to explore the place to Kerala. The group was so close in entering kerala we failed.


Thanks to the entire group off 11 people who came along with me. BASC is become like home for me and I enjoy each & every moment of my trek. Thanks to Sudhir & Jinu and BASC for arranging such wonderful trek. I m waiting for Jumanji 05………… 
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