Sunday, February 28, 2010




As we walked up the hills it was pleasent morning with beautiful sound of the bird. we carried bottle of water in order to keep our self to the Goal set.

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Second day we started late from the Golf land our destination to see the view of the Annaimuddi Peak. Since we started late we were 400meter short of annamudi peak.

The Private Guest House of Ratan Tata in the Middle of the Golf land

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My eyes captured the ray of Light that evening, Just imagine walking down this path with your Loved one make certainly a big difference in life
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Entrance to the paradise lost~ woow is not the word to end. This place surrounded with mountains one side and other side with Greenish golf land with Heli pad. This is owned by Kannan Devan tea. we have Ratan Tata's Private Guest House.

After completing the lunch in base camp. 1 set of energetic people started moving towards the Golf station were we need to camp for Night




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It was Non Venmous Snake we saw, it cost in the market was lakhs as it used to make medicine

Th above was found on the way to the Base camp. The particular place was so wet and marshy with clouds a perfect place to spot the snakes and leeches

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am Sharing some of the Best pictures from my 1st trek Bodi to Munnar. Trek Started from Bodi to munnar on Dec 2009, After reaching bodi we had breakfast and started moving.

It was bright and sunny day. we got down in village 20kms away from Bodi. Started walking reached a water falls, where the depth was not measured. it was more than Ten feet.

After climbing 3 hrs we reached the middle camp of Bodi to Munnar. It was small village in the middle of the Mountain. Woow is not the word to state as people welcomed us. The village is connected with Rocky stones to the base camp.My self and Guna from the ctc club had reached the middle camp 1st and others were at the back.

Recollecting the past, the village was so slient with the Mist surrounded.The birds sound and the childrens from the Village gathered after seeing us. There laughter brought more joy to tried ctc Group. we took rest for 15 min.

I am Sharing the Pictures from Ombattu gudde.

The Ray of Light can travel from Once beautiful heart as the mother nature truely welcomes use to her world.

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Ombattu Gudde - Nature Paradise - It a decidious forest falls in westerns Ghats.

Ombattu Gudda is a peak at about 971 meters above sea level, and at a distance of about 20 kms from Gundiya Checkpost, inside the Kabbinhole Reserved Forest. The peak is so named because there are 9 prominent humps on top, almost in a straight line (Ombattu in Kannada means nine, while Gudda means hill)