Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ramagandi Beach - Gokarna to Honavar - The group came across a challenge


We had good rest in the Fisher man's Home and we started to move towards Ramagandi beach, The entrance to the Coast is challenged by a big mountain and Local state no proper path way that connect the other side of the coast.


The group started climbing the rocks of the mountain; it was typically a rock climbing with out any gears.We reached the Middle point of the Mountain; there was two route which got split-ed and the 3 people who climbed the top, asking to come to the top. As we were climbing the rocks, we heard the noise from the below they have found alternative route.


Asking us to come back, we did the same thing as stated and he followed the Sea Side route to get in to the other side of the coast.The 3 people who went ahead of us, got stuck on top of the Mountain and No way down,(Rafi & Sreedhar & Suneel Kumar got stuck on top). You can see in the below picture how sea was so rough with rock facing even single slip from the top can cause death to the life of fellow members.


My self and few other reach the other side Ramagandi beach, We saw these guys on top with out no pathway down to the shore. The mountain was covered with red thin sand which always slippery to all the people who climb down or Up. Few local who were living helped us to to guide the other people to safe place. Even that route was so tough, after having such difficulties 3 people reached the shore after 2 hours.

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  1. Buddy, its quite challenging us to get down from the top of the peak.. This pic will speak the difficulty of the same