Friday, January 14, 2011

Dhareswar Beach - Gokarna to Honavar


As started walking, we found Sea gulls in the beach flying in group............ woooow what marvelous view.



The beach view was spell bound , as the wind was blowing from one end. From this stage i started to feel the pain of my calf muscles and it was little difficult to walk. The heart was filled with joy and the mind was searching for resting place to keep ourselves at the bay.


We reached the end point of Dhareswar beach, the Group was splitted in to two.
The Slow walking people was backed by Rafi and Sreedhar as Sleepers. We took rest in fisher man house, just asking for some water. Later in the stage, we used his Home to cook the after noon lunch. The entire group was exhausted , mean while my self and fellow members used the use the nature resource water took bath it was so refereshing all the heat was drained and had good MTR packed food.

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  1. Lovely pictures :) Its like a distant dreamland .... !! Will surely get to gokarna sometym soon...

  2. heard about that place, but now only seeing photos,excellent photos, superb, congrats,