Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dudh Sagar - Sonalium: A Jeep Track Cuts Across.

We had to walk till sonalium, it was pouring heavily and lucky no trains on the Track. A Small Nap in the Shed of the Station. I had Dry my few thing which had got wet. Rafi took us through the Deviation Down to the Jeep Track which was flowing with Water everywhere and it slippery, as we walked down the jeep track I could see the mountains covered with Mist all Sides. A Small Settlement with Shops, Byk guys take you from Kulem Station till here for the Shorter Trip.

We came across an Obstacle, running mini stream & the force was good. The group formed a human Chain to cross the Stream. I got Surprised these bikers who come from these shop easily cross the stream. Rafi Stated, we shall join the Track route again. I very well remember the time as the last Passenger train is at 5:00 PM, as we were walking that had crossed. A group of drunken people on the track, I do not understand what is the thrill or comfort do they get post drinking sitting on the Track. Seriously wanted throw Stone at them to chase these dogs.

Ashish in the group had come to Kulem last time and he was guiding us with his Expertise to enter in to the last Waterfalls. We need to get down from the Track and cross the Small Stream to go the waterfalls. Though the falls had normal flow, it had picked up speed while in the flow and it is pulling us while we crossed. Rafi went back and called every one and we had Avenesh taking care of the backpacks. The entire group had good drench before heading to the Kulem Station, Walking on the Track post 6 Pm was full fun.

Kulem Station: Goa State?
Time was clocking 7:30 Pm and we reached Kulem Station. The Actual Idea make dinner and post which camp outside the station. Dinner was getting ready time was 8:30 Pm. Rain started pouring from 10:00 pm nonstop.   Rafi asked the group guys who can speak local language to get station master help to camp inside the station till next day morning 7:00 Am. The Group was Lucky to get help from the Station master to camp inside the station with Tents. The Tents we so warm and as we started sleeping it became hotter like Owen, we could have camped in the rain but group had avoided it.

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