Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tadiyanamol - In Search of Kerala Exit Route


We cooked our morning breakfast, maggi noodles. while we were cooking, There was loud noise from the Tadiyanamol Hillcok bunch of 15 people shouting from the other end. They wanted to know how we got down here? they wanted to also join with us.


After finishing the breakfast, sudhir had quick brifing on the exit route to Kerala. We were 99% sure we will find the way and exit through kerala. Started exploring the route and we decend down from the peak to get in the forest and found trail along the forest.


People intially thrilled as they found some way. As we followed the pathway, it did not lead us any where. The crowd halted at 10.30 AM inside the Jungle and Jinu & Badri Scouted the entire area. Final result no way, the gang started to feel that we are lost inside the Jungle and we switched on the GPS to find the way. The GPS showed the Signal which we have already explored and from the signal point come from Kakkabe.


The Time ran like any thing, it was 1.45 PM we have decided and not waste any time wanted to go back the same path way. Now the big hurdle is we need to climb two mountain to go back to 1800Meter. We do not know how much time it will take? The gang had group discussion started to follow the Same pathway but we did not climb the peak instead of it, we walked the boittom Circumference. Sudhir and few other agreed and there was strong opposition from Aneesha & shobhana and other talking practically we do not know the way and we are taking risk some time we might end up inside the Jungle again. Badri who was Sweeper gave small motivation to the crowd stating let us try this way. After 3 Hrs walk we came across a place where we can see the Sky from inside of the forest and Jinu was sent on top to see what is there? We heard the Sound from him Eurekha Eurekha(We found the Way out). The entire gang was thrilled untill then we were undergoing some mental pressure that we might miss the travel back to bangalore. We came out of the Jungle and crowd was rejoiced in Joy. Jumanji Trek is real adventure Thanks to Basc & Sudhir for arranging such wonderful trek. I am Waiting to Explore More Treks in Western Ghats through BASC...................
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Tadiyanamol - Ray that Surpassed


I woke up at1.45 AM, I could feel all the sleeping bag was wet as it was so cold and damp. I sat near the fire and started playing some good Hindi and Tamil songs and the gang enjoyed it. The pain of trekking through had gone flying after witnessing the view of Sunrise.


The time ran like thin air passing by, the sun ray started hitting the horizon of the peak.Jinu the master man climbed the hillock to view the Sunrise and meanwhile I could Witness rays passing between two mountain.


A small Gang got ready witness the sunrise, The ray of surpassed between two beautiful mountains. The Morning was awesome took some video.

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Tadiyanamol - Camp fire with Beautiful Star Show.


The time was 3.45 PM, gang took some rest. Sudhir stated, come on guy get up we Need we need to search water? The gang spotted a Thick Jungle in front of us.But It is in distance we started again to climb down on the right side of the mountain.


Not even a pinch of Information about water, we were walking like dead soul.The legs were dragging for rest, our mind was saying water. We entered the thick jungle in search of water. “Jungle what we witnessed was so thick even the sunlight did not come inside, The path way was covered with thorns and plants which can drag your foot. We found a small stream & the source was very difficult to find,Sudhir asked for Bamboo Stick to make it as Straw so that we can fill the water.


Time we filled water was 4.45 to 5.15 PM, team got split in to two. Team A was filling Team B was making good bundle of Woods to make a camp fire. We made a camp fire in between 2 moutntains. Chaya & Asha ganged together in cutting vegetables, sudhir & veeru myself picked up stones and made stow & camp fire circles. Shobana & jayashree played key role in cooking Vegetable rice and it so tasty and every one liked it.


We made point to the gang we need to keep camp fire on as the climate was chill.The group slept around the camp fire and each one of us took round robin turns to Keep the camp fire on.Once we started Lying the Mother Laps, we started to feel the comfort of her. How could i explain the
star Studed places.It was treat the eyes & no one would have witneesed such view. The craddel to our sleep was ready. Life is like a passing cloud and we always get carried by the drifts of
nature. The sign of true love was witnessed with beautiful star studed Night.
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Tadiyanamol - Kabbar Situation


Every one was hungry and little tried and the heat of the sun was darning our battery. I remember sudhir was stating after climbing the Peak we need to get down on the Other side of the mountain, same way it happened. As we climbed down it was difficult,the place was surrounded with rocks and boulder and each step we need to take carefully. Meanwhile sudhir, Badri & Jinu played vital role in identifying the key ways to the trek. We formed a human chain to help each one of us to climb down. We reached a point, where there was no exit.


The Gang sat down on a hug rock, quenching water. Our water bottles getting emptied Soon and the crowd was searching for stream where we can get some water.


The best part of the trek was after climbing down the huge boulder and rock, We thought the route will descend. But it happened the other way. Sudhir Jinu & badri was standing in each corner to find way, still no way found.


We could recollect the situation of Sholay “ Kabbar – Sudhir asking Kitney admi Tey,Samba - Badri & kaliya - Jinu was standing on hillock” searching for way out.Time Was running out, sudhir stated no way down let us climb up the way we came down.
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Tadiyanamol - Steps that Quench Water


At a height 1740m, Tadiyandamol is the second highest peak in Karnataka. The peak belongs to the group of taller peaks between Himalayas in the north and Nilgiris in the South. Tadiyendamol is a part of the range of Western Ghats that lie in Coorg District of Karnataka. This range experiences a salubrious climate through out the year. Elephants, bison, tigers, wild cats, and variety of birds habitat the thick vegetation. Plenty of waterfalls and natural springs adorn the valleys. The flora & fauna of Coorg add to the beauty of the valley. Most of the natural vegetation around the peak in this range is taken over by Plantation growers and converted to Plantations of coffee, pepper, cardamom, beetle leaves, and areca nut.


We started from the palace at 10.45 AM, it already late and the sun is already out.My self and Veeru took the lead. By the time we reached the forest officer home, we could see the any one at the back. We took the 1st break there, having gulp of water.


We had good group of people from Philips healthcare, Prabhakar and his friends are 1st timers. On the way to the peak initial stage prabhakar got hurt and Badri was carrying his baggage and he was also motivating him to climb. Hats of to Prabhakar it worked well and he started
climbing little faster


The team new member from the forest officer house, her name is Dimple.She was leading the team in the front, we have lot small shadow region where you Can take small rest. Water is found only at one place where you thick trees and rocks advices reach the peak on or before 9.00 AM as we found difficult. The group reached the final Peak at 1.45 PM…..
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Tadiyanamol - Weekend Paradise - Lost in Jungle


The trek was well planned & organised by Bangalore Ascenders club. This was my 3rd trek with BASC.
Place : Tadiyandamol.(Western Ghats)
How to reach ? Bangalore--Virajpet--kakkabe--Naalku Naadu Palace
Time: 7 hrs, over night Journey
Members: 12 People.
Started from Bangalore on 4th March at 10.45 PM, it was Tempo Traveller and the best part driver does not know the way to Virajpet. Sudhir Guided the way to place..


We reached Virajpet at 7.00 AM it already late and we got down the place was so chill... No shops were open, the team was searching for vegetable market and they purchased some good vegetables


Mean while the group got together in small hotel to have Tea & coffee. Some of the member even had Kerala food as 1st round. From there we started to move to kakkabe 20kms , on the way we witnessed beautiful Paddy fields that curves each of our memories in to fresh thoughts of the day.


Tadiyandamol means highest point in Kodava language, this peak is the highest one in the Coorg district situated near Virajpet about a 30kms away on the way to Napoklu, Bhagamandala. This peak just adjacent to the Makutta forest. On the way you also get a old palace called 'Nalku Naadu Aramane'. There are apparently 18 trek routes to get to the peak, the most common one's being the 'Honey Valley route' and the 'Palace route'. The former being a longer and scenic route and the later the shorter version that leads you straight to the peak.
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