Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tadiyanamol - Steps that Quench Water


At a height 1740m, Tadiyandamol is the second highest peak in Karnataka. The peak belongs to the group of taller peaks between Himalayas in the north and Nilgiris in the South. Tadiyendamol is a part of the range of Western Ghats that lie in Coorg District of Karnataka. This range experiences a salubrious climate through out the year. Elephants, bison, tigers, wild cats, and variety of birds habitat the thick vegetation. Plenty of waterfalls and natural springs adorn the valleys. The flora & fauna of Coorg add to the beauty of the valley. Most of the natural vegetation around the peak in this range is taken over by Plantation growers and converted to Plantations of coffee, pepper, cardamom, beetle leaves, and areca nut.


We started from the palace at 10.45 AM, it already late and the sun is already out.My self and Veeru took the lead. By the time we reached the forest officer home, we could see the any one at the back. We took the 1st break there, having gulp of water.


We had good group of people from Philips healthcare, Prabhakar and his friends are 1st timers. On the way to the peak initial stage prabhakar got hurt and Badri was carrying his baggage and he was also motivating him to climb. Hats of to Prabhakar it worked well and he started
climbing little faster


The team new member from the forest officer house, her name is Dimple.She was leading the team in the front, we have lot small shadow region where you Can take small rest. Water is found only at one place where you thick trees and rocks advices reach the peak on or before 9.00 AM as we found difficult. The group reached the final Peak at 1.45 PM…..
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