Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tadiyanamol - Camp fire with Beautiful Star Show.


The time was 3.45 PM, gang took some rest. Sudhir stated, come on guy get up we Need we need to search water? The gang spotted a Thick Jungle in front of us.But It is in distance we started again to climb down on the right side of the mountain.


Not even a pinch of Information about water, we were walking like dead soul.The legs were dragging for rest, our mind was saying water. We entered the thick jungle in search of water. “Jungle what we witnessed was so thick even the sunlight did not come inside, The path way was covered with thorns and plants which can drag your foot. We found a small stream & the source was very difficult to find,Sudhir asked for Bamboo Stick to make it as Straw so that we can fill the water.


Time we filled water was 4.45 to 5.15 PM, team got split in to two. Team A was filling Team B was making good bundle of Woods to make a camp fire. We made a camp fire in between 2 moutntains. Chaya & Asha ganged together in cutting vegetables, sudhir & veeru myself picked up stones and made stow & camp fire circles. Shobana & jayashree played key role in cooking Vegetable rice and it so tasty and every one liked it.


We made point to the gang we need to keep camp fire on as the climate was chill.The group slept around the camp fire and each one of us took round robin turns to Keep the camp fire on.Once we started Lying the Mother Laps, we started to feel the comfort of her. How could i explain the
star Studed places.It was treat the eyes & no one would have witneesed such view. The craddel to our sleep was ready. Life is like a passing cloud and we always get carried by the drifts of
nature. The sign of true love was witnessed with beautiful star studed Night.
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