Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gavi - Entry & Exit to the Paradise


We got the Tickets to Gavi from Kumily forest office, the time was 10.30 AM. The plan is to view points in Kumily Ottathita & Chellarkovil Waterfalls.After visiting the both the place the time was 1.00 PM reached back to Kumily and had Lunch at Ambadi Restaurant which has got both Veg & Non Veg food. The food was good Especially the ambience and the way of the Dinning was awesome and it was built in old Kerala style house. After completing the food we wanted to take boat ride in Thekkady. Since we had reached the place at 3.00 PM in the evening all the tickets for the Boat ride Sold for the Day. The group decided to walk inside the Thekkady Boat road we roam around inside and came back to the hotel at 5.15 PM. Every one was tried and we have decided to Sleep faster and to get up in the morning at 4.30 AM. The Jeep guy comes at 5.00 AM to Pick up.


The next day the jeep guy called us at 5.00 Am, We started the Journey” Jinu asked to remove the roof top of the Jeep”Myself & Chimay were standing behind enjoying the roof top view, Soon Saurab also joined. The View of the Jungle was awesome as we entered the reserve forest.


Time was running fast we where totally lost with mother nature best show.
Let me explain, how it look like “It was small road both sides of the roads covered with Grass land every moment you hear the sound of animals while the Jeep diver was slowly driving the Jeep. The Jeep reached a place, The road in front was not seen as the mist covered in front. We got down enjoying the View. The Below video recording show it all.

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