Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gavi - The beauty not explored


We reached Gavi at 7.00 AM, the below Video & picture can explain how the View was at the place. We were asked to sign the register and left free until 8.30 AM. Breakfast at Gavi was awesome and we all enjoyed the food. Each group were assigned a guide who know the routes very well. Every moment we were thrilled by the view we came across. Time was 9.15 AM we started our trek, walking up the mountains covered with grass & stones ever were, The guide asked us to keep silent as we come across some animals during the trek.


“The wind was blowing as we reached the top of the mountain; Mist comes and says HI & Bye to us. The green patch were seen everywhere. “The path ways was like the en route to heaven, never in my life time experienced such view and had Little bit Sprinkle from mother nature”. After crossing 4 kms in the trek we came across a Hut house which was constructed to make people stay inside during night treks. Guide stated the house is used for different package which people are allowed to stay inside jungle cost RS 2500 per person 1 night stay. The Sound of water gushing through was heard loud and clear. It is nothing But behind the hut house we had waterfalls which were falling from 40 feet below.


Time was 11.15 AM we started walking toward falls, The stated we can come with him one by One. We hold hs hand standing on the Edge of the waterfalls. Please find the below video give You the explanation. No words to describe.

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