Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aghanashini River - Part 2


The entire group waiting to get the boat to cross the river, it was Awesome view same time the entire was stinking some people took voimting. Srikant was short Shrimp Baba. by Seeing the below pics...................




After reaching other side of the beach, we touch down in Barka beach..........
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Aghanashini River - Part 1


After having the good lunch, the entire group stared to walk to reach the port Tadadi by 3.00 PM
on the way, we had cross a mountain, beautiful Pussy cat with Kitten resting..........



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Paradise Shots - Gokarna to Honavar


I was waiting for Miracle to come~ Here it had, How to describe about this place, walking on such beach shore on Full moon day is the most beautiful part of the Life............




Some random Shots, Next comes the river. The Path way to the river was Most beautiful one...........
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Paradise Beach - Lunch Time

We reached Paradise beach by 1.00 PM and Every one was little tired. We rested at this point for 1 Hr and we had good Juices and Luch with Chapathis.

All of us were taking lot of Pictures and also had fun pulling each other peoples.

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Half Moon Beach - Gokarna to Honavar


The beach was so beautiful with small green patchs around it. we reached this beach at 12.00 PM




The next comes the paradise beach..........
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OM Beach - Gokarna to Honavar.


By this time, group got splited in to two, The climate was so humid and Little windy. We reached Om beach by 11.00 AM




The Next Stop is Paradise beach, It is treuly one of those beaches.
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Kudle Beach - Gokarna to Honavar


Reached Gokarna town by 7:30 AM. Finished the basic amenities by 9:30 AM and started the trek from Gokarna beach . Rajesh, Sreedhar were choosed as the sweep leaders and me as the Navigator.


Reached Kudle beach by 10:30 AM.


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Gokarna to Honavar - Beach Trek - 1


The trek was well organised by the Bangalore Ascenders club. It all started 1 month before in November stating we are going for the beach trek in December 18th and 19th. It was also mentioned that it was a diffcult trek and people who had done many trek can register for this trek. I reached bangalore on 17th Dec as the entire group gathered at Ananad Rao Circle. 22 People travel along with me to Gorkarna.

Where is Gokarna?
It Lies in the state of Karnataka and from bangalore it is 500kms and it take 10 hrs to reach the destination. Bangalore to Gokarna Via Tumkur,Tiptur,Kadur,Shimoga,Sagar,Honavar.


Gokarna is close by to the Sea, Where the actual Start point begins. Here goes the plan, It is 2 days trek and places that we cover are along the coast line. We come across beautiful rain forest Mountains with all the end points of the Mountains we come across rocks where the sea hit the rocks.


Started our trek from Gokarna beach and ended at Haldipur beach. In between we had covered Kudle, Om, Half moon, Paradise, Barka, Sangam, Holanagadde, Mangodlu, Vanamali, Kumta, Dhareshwar, Ramagandi beaches. This stretch is part of the Golden route, which starts from Ankola to Honnavara.

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