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PeriyaKulam to Kodaikannal Via VelaKavi


Its been a Really long since i trekked, was waiting for perfect break through.
My self & Vadivel ver al set for Bodi Munnar Trek, I also got the GPS for the Trek.
Cause of the Damn Dam ( the Mullai Periyar issue) issue, all the check Post to the Kerala Routes were blocked. Thanks to Mayuresh who helped us in combing the entire area. As v ver certain tat we cannot do a Bodi to Munnar trek. The Tickets were already booked till bodi and time was running out.


The day was getting closer and immediately vadivel came up with the kodaikannal trek.The message was spread as fire to all the participants to get their consent. Everyone was ok wid it.. ryt then i know m gonna trek wid lyk minded souls , we planned for Kodai Trek in two days time. We all started of from Chennai on 16th Dec 2011 night to periyakulam, we reached the place at morning 5:00 Am. The troop was waiting for one more participant who joined from Chennai(Aditya). we reached Kumbakarai waterfalls at periyakulam.we dipped ourselves into the kumbakarai water falls (rather v can call it as rain drops cuz t was soo fresh n pure) and had our morning breakfast (guess itz d decent way of saying “we ver fighting for it actually” ). The trek started at 8:00 Am.The trail was properly marked and no GPS required for the trek. Periyakulam to kodaikannal is 21 Kms and we will come across Velakavi which enroute to Kodaikannal, it is 10kms Up hill trek from Kumbhakarai waterfalls.


The group came across lot of step climbs and got split in to 3 groups, the Sweeper was Gurumurthy and did super job in motivating the slow walkers.So sad he had to carry 3 bags ( “god bless thee“ ). The 1st group reached velakavi at 12:30 Pm. After Reaching the village we came to know the Myth and suprising factor that we are not suppose use sandals inside the village and they have strong belief that god Lives in the Village.

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Velakavi - Mystic Village.


The village is situated between Periyakulam & Kodaikannal. The trail starts from Kumbakarai waterfalls and end the trail goes through the Village and Ends in Kodaikannal Dolphin Nose. The village originated even much before Kodaikannal and they have proper record shows people existed.


As per the records 5 families existed during the origination period and now 126 Families live in that village. The place is completely cut of no roadways it only by walk you need reach the village.


“The entrance to the Village is carved with beautiful trees with dry leaves scattered with yellowish and each step forward took me to the new boundaries of life”
“As we entered the village, our apatite to have lunch was growing but seeing such beautiful atmosphere around everyone of us we were lost”. The children’s from the Village playing around …….The entire group reached the village by 2:00 PM.

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Velakavi - Village Information Part 2


The Place were we stayed was on the veranda of the School and we were not allowed inside the School (who cares v ver not able 2 break d lock of d school :P) “The


“The climate was so chill – My mind searched for perfect shelter and heart says am hungry let us have the dinner” The time was 7:30 Pm everyone had sambar rice & Noodles Readymade. “I was sleeping on the edge of the veranda.


When the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky, dreamt about the next day morning that I should get up early to see the sun rise”. I got up at 5:30 Am and gave a wake up call for the entire group. While I was engaged in that activity “Vadivel – how should I call that person, he had woke up much before us in the chilling weather busy preparing Tea for the Entire group”


Lighting up the fire in the such a weather is always a challenge, the local village people called him to there home and helped in getting hot water in preparation….
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Velakavi - Sunrise - Dec 2011


The Time was 6:00 Am I and couple other joined in going to the Volleyball ground,


“the sun is yet to come out but the rays of the sun had hit the mountains of Kodai with Orange sting reflects with beautiful blue babe sky”


“As the curtains were rising, we witnessed a beautiful sunrise” “The Mystic wind from the Pine trees from the top of the mountains calling us to come there” The time was running and I came back to the place.


By this time everyone one in the group packed and started to climb to Kodaikannal. As per the Local village the climb to Kodai will be easy as it has got both mixtures ups and downs and stated we would enjoy lot view Points.
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Velakavi to Kodaikannal Trail


The initial part of the climbs was going in circle as we can clearly feel that we are reaching the top and which again going down to other side of mountain.


“We reached a view Point you can see from the below picture” Halted for 5 minutes to breathe the fresh air while (how many tyms in lyf do we get dis kinda feel)


I can feel the true beauty of nature with mountains carving from one end to the other end.

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Second view Point: Velakavi to Kodaikannal


Every steep climb will surely have beautiful view Point and below video for experience the true nature “I m lost seeing such beautiful place”


The sun is yet to come out but as we were climbing, the wind from the pine trees blowing so cold made us feel light.

Every one will have dream to experience such beautiful trail, but we had chance to be part of it.


This takes the trails deep into our hearts. Every step to reach the top was made easier, since we came across such beautiful view point the pain of climbing was not there.
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En route Velakavi to Kodaikannal - Day 2


Every one will have dream to experience such beautiful trail, but we had chance to be part of it. This takes the trails deep into our hearts.


Every step to reach the top was made easier, since we came across such beautiful view point the pain of climbing was not there.


As we were climbing up and coming closer to the Kodai exit point, the change in Climate had begun to be cold and we did not even feel it as every one was enjoying the view.


I climbed a small trail of cliff, there were small stones were you can sit for while, while I sat and enjoyed the village view (The place were we stayed).
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The Exit Point – Crisscross Lilee Beauty


“The are thousand reason to enjoy every moment of the trail, It comes like one flash in everyone mind and dissolves like sweet memory”We reached the exit point of the trek (Dolphin Nose in Kodaikannal),the time was 9:30 Am.


The below video will speak for it self with Picture. Now we Reached the end of the trail but still the climb from the village is one of the most beautiful trails of my life time. Before reaching the dolphin nose we saw chair and table put across, I wanted to know the reason. Just went to the same place to see it. “Believe it or not sitting on wooden chair with the table is most beautiful thing”


Imagine this , there were two trees reincarnated into chair and Table. “Having cup of hot coffee or Tea with Beautiful sunrise and experienced the same”.We reached the Main exit of the Dolphin point everyone had good food took rest.

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Perumalai Malai – Mystic Falls


Every one were extremely tried and Rakesh came back with good Idea of visiting beautiful waterfalls, he also played vitial role in arranging known transportation from Kodaikannal to Vetalakudu.


we had plans of visit perumalai Waterfalls “ Five house waterfalls” for which we need walk 2 kms inside the forest the below video will explain more about the place and its to risky to go that place, If you slip in crossing the river you will land up in killing your self.


After reaching down the bottom of the waterfalls every ones mind filled with Joy.The guide warned us not to get to the flowing water as underwater currents will be there. Hence only few people took the risk of getting in to the water rest stayed in the shore.

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