Sunday, January 22, 2012

Velakavi - Village Information Part 2


The Place were we stayed was on the veranda of the School and we were not allowed inside the School (who cares v ver not able 2 break d lock of d school :P) “The


“The climate was so chill – My mind searched for perfect shelter and heart says am hungry let us have the dinner” The time was 7:30 Pm everyone had sambar rice & Noodles Readymade. “I was sleeping on the edge of the veranda.


When the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky, dreamt about the next day morning that I should get up early to see the sun rise”. I got up at 5:30 Am and gave a wake up call for the entire group. While I was engaged in that activity “Vadivel – how should I call that person, he had woke up much before us in the chilling weather busy preparing Tea for the Entire group”


Lighting up the fire in the such a weather is always a challenge, the local village people called him to there home and helped in getting hot water in preparation….
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