Sunday, January 22, 2012

Perumalai Malai – Mystic Falls


Every one were extremely tried and Rakesh came back with good Idea of visiting beautiful waterfalls, he also played vitial role in arranging known transportation from Kodaikannal to Vetalakudu.


we had plans of visit perumalai Waterfalls “ Five house waterfalls” for which we need walk 2 kms inside the forest the below video will explain more about the place and its to risky to go that place, If you slip in crossing the river you will land up in killing your self.


After reaching down the bottom of the waterfalls every ones mind filled with Joy.The guide warned us not to get to the flowing water as underwater currents will be there. Hence only few people took the risk of getting in to the water rest stayed in the shore.

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  1. Lovely...soooo was mystic falls..

  2. broo !! awesome placee !! is it still accessible??? if so how to get there ??