Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jumanji 04 - The Entrance to the Paradise Lost

I had met sudhir in March 2011, when I completed my trek Jumanji 03.He was stating about Jumanji 04 and this time we wanted to explore the route to Sasipara – Kerala.It was raining that night in Chennai in end of June “ A ring came from Sudhir plans are on for Jumanji 04” I told sudir to give me advance notice so that I can book my tickets from Chennai.


As stated the call came from him, this time we have plan to explore Sasipara & Alakupuri waterfalls.I reached Bangalore on 02nd Night and joined the group. It was cold and hazy rain in Bangalore that day.We started our trek at 8.45 AM, The group dumped little things in the van which they can use it after coming back from the trek.


I started walking in the front, There was sound heard from the 3rd Steep climb. “ Ram can Join you, if you are going in the front”. Keerthana & myself started moving in the front faster, so that we can take small rest. Soon the group joined and see the below video which is entrance to the peak Tadiyanamol.


We completed our breakfast at 10.15 AM and the group started walking, we took sharp deviation from the rock, crossing the waterfalls, this time the group wanted to surpass the Tadiyanamol Peak. There was warning from sudhir given since we are getting in to the forest in Seasonal time. We need to come across Lot River, hence avoid bringing camera. “The place was cloudy, can see the raise of clouds from the below mountains and the path way which lead nowhere” The group reached a point, where we surpassed the Twin peak. The patch’s over the mountains where like bridges which connected us between nature’s hearts with our true feelings. Please see the below video recording for reference
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  1. looks like it was a gr8 trek ... the greenery is quite soothing!