Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jumanji - The Entoute to Sasipara - Paradise

“The time was 11.15 am, we reached junction point. The group was stunned by the View of the Tadiyanamol Peak, “The cloud that drifts away with green pasture”.


“Mist touch our heart with beautiful sound of the bird that has freedom fly across
boundaries” The wind was blowing from the other end, we saw group of Elephants.We waited for them to clear, as it was crossing our path way. Sorry we were crossing there path way .


My self Sudhir & suresh were walking in the front. We found dead snake. It was Krait is Black or bluish-black in colour with white narrow cross bands and a narrow head. Kraits are found only in Asia. It is 15 times more deadly than any common cobra. It is active at night and relatively passive during the day. The krait has a tendency to seek shelter in sleeping bags, boots and tents. Their habitat includes open fields, human settlements and dense jungle in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. We took it in twig and buried it in sand.

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