Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thekkady - Kerala


I again planned my day after the trek to sita lakshmi lake, The hotel people stated thekkadi is close to Munnar and we can visit that place. My train was at 10.30 PM on the same day. I don't want to waste the entire. Took the trip to Thekkady, 2 hrs 30 min is the journey. I should thank the driver he stopped where ever i asked to stop on the way to thekkady. I took this picture above, never thought i would encounter such beautiful place.


Reached Thekkady by 12.00 Pm took the ride, the day temperature was so cold.It was so cloudy was worried it might rain, i was lucky it did not. Here comes the Mullai periyar Dam were there is dispute for water between Kerala & Tamilnadu.


I will call the people stupid who made this as issue, nature never has any boundaries
The beauty of the river and the animals which comes to drink water on the banks of river. I took these pictures while the boat was in moving condition. The boat ride is
for 3 hrs. If you are taking the boat ride, take the 1st ride in the morning and you can Witness the animals coming to drink water in the banks.


Kerala govt, had built a small house cottage inside the Thekkady and you can choose if you can Stay inside that for a day and it costly. They call it as Spice house.

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