Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bodi to Munnar Trek - via - Top station ,Yellapaty.

I m travelling to the same place for the second time, hence my self & Vadivel marked some trek points by discussing with Local Guy. The trek started by 8 am and reached the waterfalls by 8.30 AM. Though the waterfall is little down, you need cross thorns & bush to reach the place. Myself, Vadivel & Om prakash got in as it was freezing, omi got out. “It was like a Heaven opened with water falling from top which had to cross some green pasture and fall on cylindrical Pool which is naturally created”.

“The depth of nature’s heart can’t be measured” Same time it is dangerous to take bath in the waterfalls we had some accidents in the past. “Our past challenges were freezedd… and we were brought to the other side of nature creation” The group had good time and we started from the place at 10:00 Am.

As we were climbing we saw the trek green route from Kullukumalai to Kurangani. The hike to the middle station was covered with Boulders & rocks and finally reached the place.

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Middle station to Top station the en route

The top station view is wonderful one side you see the Kullukumalai route & other side the village sitting between sandwiches of Mountains. We had group discussion about the next day trek, we wanted to visit Annai mudi Base camp.

Durai came up with new plan why can’t be explore the route what we Just saw from Middle station
“Kullukumalai to Kurangani”

The enquiry started we need to reach Suriyanalli to reach the place “Kulluku” But the main objective we need to reach the Chitdavarai estate and next day. Explore the place, every local told us to take bus to reach Suryanalli from Top station, but the group had other plans.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chitivarai Tea Gardens - En route to Yellapaty

As the destination getting closer, Mist covered surrounding with People moving around and beautiful floras & fauns everywhere. Heard the 1st sound of the vehicle after continuous for 6 hrs up hill climbing made us fresh. Hot lunch “why not”
Bread omlet, Mini Meals, fish gravis…..

The clock ticked 3 PM, the discussion started we need start now to reach Surayanalli…..Since it was my second trip to the place; this was good chance to lead them to the estate. 

The curve seen in the distant came near to us by every minute passed.. Routes entirely covered with misty tea garden and painted white House…. As we entered Chitdavarai

  Check post… Just pause yourself, much more to come.
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Chitdavarai - The Entrance & Exit - Im Lost

“The wind from the west blowing so cold as we foot step to new world” A small bridge which connects to the other world –“whisper of words - no returning back” It was beautiful evening – as we crossed the beautiful wooden bridge it was so dark as the cold evening had just set across…..
“As Pine tress give way to road which carves in to beautiful House” Just look at your palm, “A lane which goes from your fist which deviates in to different direction”
the place was just like that.
Oh ya, seeing the house in the distance surrounded with beautiful mountains…one side with green and dry leave pasture welcomed to the place……
I met the person who was in charge of the estate seeking for permission to stay in the grass land. He helped us to stay in the open grass lands.. The grass lands was so cold time to put some camp fire… as the night sets in with light of the moon criss crossed.
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Chitdavarai - The curves of Beautiful Heart

“The place was so silent hearing lot animals sounded, my friend in charge told us we will come across bison which are common in that area”. Brownish & red Woods which were fallen from trees were collected. “Camp fire ignited had good affect everyone was around it.
The sliver lights from the full moon gave the way
beautiful star studded night….. Everyone was just curious to switch one the torch, as the light switched on we saw the blinking lights in groups it nothing but bison….“Hey wait don’t anywhere, dinner was prepared by us” Hot nor Soup noodles was served ..
Everyone was tried as we had to walk 7 hrs to reach the estate…..Time to sleep,The estate guy warned as about frost bite… as we lie down with seeing the star Shines with beautiful moons reflecting on the mountains “ mist from the mountains Flows down to the Tent…..

I Heard Noise of my friend – Suneel “who did not sleep well because of to coldness – he was not wearing the Sweater” I woke up just helped him by ignited fire… The early morning Temperature dipped to ‘5’ Degree… Vadivel got up and we started Preparing hot Tea & coffee……
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Chitdavarai - Sunrise - Memories freezed....

“Having Hot Tea in One hand, Just came out of the tent….It was so chill the place “surrounded with beautiful flowers and the sun just Pep up from the behind mountains and the grass lands painted with yellowish green welcoming the sunlight”.

The time was 7:30 Am we need to start from the place, the group started moving towards Yellapati. No one noticed that there was way behind the place where we had made tent. “Now I pause you seeing the below video”.

The lake is just below the mountains that we saw last evening. The cold wind just blowing down from the top
the mountain and it hit us back were we just stood and admired it.
The time clocked 8 AM, yellapaty destination reached “Surprised to see Jeep and the person helped us to reach Munnar”. Team had good break fast at Munnar….Left to
Suryanalli – Note Munnar to Kullkumalai is little far as we need to bargain with Jeep Guy, cost is Rs1200 for the Entire group.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kullukumalai - Kerala - Tea Estate - Entry & Exit.

Kullukumalai – “ The Tea gardens of Babylone” – Kerala…” The enrote to Kullukumalai surrounded with Tea gardens – the Shades of Green every where, it is even on top of all the mountains “Blue carpet from the Hills welcomes you” as we
climb the 7 bends ~ of Tea Gardens you will know why they call Gods Own country.
Time clocked 12:30 Pm as the clouds welcomed as Kullukumalai… we started walking inside the Tea Gardens. The Beauty is the Factory on top of the mountain below to Tamilnadu & the tea garden just crossed belongs to Kerala…..
The Opposite side of the factory you see the Kodaikannal Mountains and there is proper trails marked to Kurangani and we are here to explore the route. Messa Pullimala is Highest
peak in Kullukumalai.

The final decent started from Kullkumalai at 1:00 PM have 2
cups of wonderful tea………
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Exit from Kullukumalai to Kurangani

As the Decent started 1st 3 bends we were just walking on top of the clouds and no words to express. The locals every month clean the trail route which connects the Kurangani and we were lucky to explore the same route. The trail crossed thick Bushes as we entered the next mountains the decent path goes down to Kurangani.
The destination reached by 4:00 PM and the bus back to Bodi from Kurangani was at 5:30 PM.
I m waiting to go back to explore the same route by this year end.
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