Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chitdavarai - The Entrance & Exit - Im Lost

“The wind from the west blowing so cold as we foot step to new world” A small bridge which connects to the other world –“whisper of words - no returning back” It was beautiful evening – as we crossed the beautiful wooden bridge it was so dark as the cold evening had just set across…..
“As Pine tress give way to road which carves in to beautiful House” Just look at your palm, “A lane which goes from your fist which deviates in to different direction”
the place was just like that.
Oh ya, seeing the house in the distance surrounded with beautiful mountains…one side with green and dry leave pasture welcomed to the place……
I met the person who was in charge of the estate seeking for permission to stay in the grass land. He helped us to stay in the open grass lands.. The grass lands was so cold time to put some camp fire… as the night sets in with light of the moon criss crossed.
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