Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chitdavarai - The curves of Beautiful Heart

“The place was so silent hearing lot animals sounded, my friend in charge told us we will come across bison which are common in that area”. Brownish & red Woods which were fallen from trees were collected. “Camp fire ignited had good affect everyone was around it.
The sliver lights from the full moon gave the way
beautiful star studded night….. Everyone was just curious to switch one the torch, as the light switched on we saw the blinking lights in groups it nothing but bison….“Hey wait don’t anywhere, dinner was prepared by us” Hot nor Soup noodles was served ..
Everyone was tried as we had to walk 7 hrs to reach the estate…..Time to sleep,The estate guy warned as about frost bite… as we lie down with seeing the star Shines with beautiful moons reflecting on the mountains “ mist from the mountains Flows down to the Tent…..

I Heard Noise of my friend – Suneel “who did not sleep well because of to coldness – he was not wearing the Sweater” I woke up just helped him by ignited fire… The early morning Temperature dipped to ‘5’ Degree… Vadivel got up and we started Preparing hot Tea & coffee……
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