Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chitdavarai - Sunrise - Memories freezed....

“Having Hot Tea in One hand, Just came out of the tent….It was so chill the place “surrounded with beautiful flowers and the sun just Pep up from the behind mountains and the grass lands painted with yellowish green welcoming the sunlight”.

The time was 7:30 Am we need to start from the place, the group started moving towards Yellapati. No one noticed that there was way behind the place where we had made tent. “Now I pause you seeing the below video”.

The lake is just below the mountains that we saw last evening. The cold wind just blowing down from the top
the mountain and it hit us back were we just stood and admired it.
The time clocked 8 AM, yellapaty destination reached “Surprised to see Jeep and the person helped us to reach Munnar”. Team had good break fast at Munnar….Left to
Suryanalli – Note Munnar to Kullkumalai is little far as we need to bargain with Jeep Guy, cost is Rs1200 for the Entire group.
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