Saturday, April 9, 2016

Koodlu Theerta - " Someshwara wildlife sanctuary" karnataka

It’s a wish every year that I would explore new places in Karnataka. The beauty of exploring new network is key result in achieving my dream destinations. Ravi karnal – DFO gave new Link about his friend Abdul - forest guard in Someshwara wildlife Sanctuary.

Traveling to unknown place and meeting new people is my hobby, it gives everything in life right from new networks & adaptable to any conditions around. Tickets were booked to Agumbe – The King Cobra Paradise. I have read this article in the newspaper about Agumbe. There are lot of places to explore in Agumbe.

The journey to the unknown paradise begins on 16th Aug 2014, I reached Augumbe at 7:00 AM the next day, and the bus stand is small with shops around. No Airtel connectivity in Agumbe, Borrowed local guys mobile and called Abdul and asked him where to meet him.  He stated come down to Someshwara wild life Sanctuary.

 I was traveling down from   Agumbe  to Someshwara &  we come amazing sun rise view Point.  Abdul picked me up from Someshwara by 8:30 PM and he dropped me at his home to get refreshed for the amazing day.  He asked me do you have expectation on exploring place here. I said to take me to the place were human presence is less & he took me to Koodlu Theerta &  he was in charge of this place.

If we need to reach Koodlu theerta – 15 Kms from the actual Main road and last 6kms is completely off roads. The Time was 10:00 Am as we crossed the bridge covered with green everywhere.  The entrance to the waterfalls is gated by the forest department. During rainy days one had to cross the running stream, trek for 2.5 kms to see the actual waterfalls.

 As we trekked upward, I can hear the sound of the waterfalls getting louder. The final stretch is covered with thick bushes everywhere, it slippery as you need watch your steps.  The climate became cold as you near the waterfalls with sprinklers & High winds.

Koodlu Theerta waterfalls – This place is amazing during Monsoon & one should visit in Karnataka ( Someshwara). We were not able to go closer to the waterfalls as the force was very high. I was able to take some Videos and snaps post which we returned back by 1:00 Pm.

Thanks to Ravi Karnal & Abdul for Taking me to such wonderful place in someshwara wildlife sanctuary.