Friday, January 14, 2011

Kumta beach -- Gokarna to Honavar Beach Trek...


We entred the beautiful paradise on the second day of the trek.......It was white sand beach.
i never seen such beautiful beach in my life time, no people around you ......


We reach a place where the river Join the See, it is 50 meter distance between one shore to the other shore. We asked the boat man to pick up and drop us on the other. No one had helped us....... The way out was to go inside the village and come to the other side. It was sunday and the entire village was busy with lot activities. The lassi & coconut drink was awesome.
Atlast after 1 Hr walk we got in to the other siude of the shore.


By this time, people were tired we took some rest along the sea shore and started walking. Time was 11.00 AM, We did not feel that much sun heat. It was quiet Humid with some amount of wind blowing.............

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  1. Trek memories are still flashing in the mind.. Your write up takes me to the flash back

  2. Actually boat man didnt helped us becoz the back water stream flow was too high also it is deep place.. so he dont want to take us risk

  3. Awesome pics Ram, thats truly unbelievable..!
    Kudos to you..!

  4. I have followed the same trail and loved that...beach-line is superb...