Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tala Kaveri - Trek - Camp Site - Benjatuhole

The time was 3 :00 PM the final peak top is reached. Every pain is overwhelmed with joy when u actualy feel it once reaching the destination “It was like 3 layers of heart” a bluish sky, below mountains with lot curves up and down with tiny rays which surpass the shola forest – I never seen such thick vegetation’s “just heard from geography books” now is the time to feel what is shola forest and how is the vegetation here.  I can still feel the Air which was gushing in to the hill top where the group was sitting. The surface of the mountain painted with yellowish and greenish grass . By the time everyone one reached the Hill top was 3:15 PM. We had small naps and while everyone was were clicking pics with eyes to save it in our deep heart….
Thy time was 3:30 Pm the Descent to Nishanebetta forest guest house begun, the slops where covered with thrones and thick cover blankets of grass and   each steps need to be taken forward carefully.  meanwhile Ayyappa the forest guide got hurt by having small ankle twist so he was slowly limping down from the hill top. Anup & Srivatsava was coming along with him.
The time was 5:00 Pm when entire group reached the forest camp. The camp is in the middle of the forest with thick forest surrounded . the forest house had equipped with solar panel electricity with battery back up . The people in the group started cooking – Niranjan, Deepak had cut vegetables and tulasi joined the group and hot pot with all food was getting ready as the day was coming to end with most memorable things which we had felt and come  across in the trek.  Post dinner everyone we chose a place to see sleep in open space in front of the forest guest house, with star studded night.

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