Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tala Kaveri wildlife sanctuary Trek- Nishanbetta- Benjatuhole – Kubeyrangi

Bhagmangala trek – Named as trek, it was interesting name which captures my imagination; I wanted to go for some good trek.  We started from Bangalore – 21st Dec Night, Driver – sir raganthitu is shot but it blocked in the night so we need to Mysore- Hunsur – Madkeri – Bhagmangala – Talakaveri.
We reached Bhagmangala  at 5:15 AM, the climate was so cold , the group got down to find the forest  office.  The forest office is on the way to talakevri – Time was 6:15 AM we got down to find some ood hotel, we found a hotel just opposite temple where we had good food and parcel was also taken along with us for afternoon Lunch. Time was 9:05 am the group was getting ready for the trek. Meanwhile Pratap and Deepak were in forest office met the forest officer. After getting the permission we were given 2 guides to go visit the beautiful paradise.
Talacauvery wildlife sanctuary has following trek route –
1.       Talacauvery – Nadumalai- Mundrote  - 23 kms which we were supposed to take it.
2.       Talacavery – Nishanbetta- Benjatuhole – Kubeyrangi – Route chosen by the group
The trek route got changed because of challenges on returning back to Talacauvery as we do not have timely connectivity. It was flat track in the beginning of the trek with lot of shades and it 

is jeep track.  The time was 9:45 AM, our 1st foot steps to the beautiful valley started.  The time was 10:30 AM as we started facing the heat of the trek little up’s and downs. Most of water bottle started to dry time time get small nap as the group started to have lunch at 12:15 PM. We are thankful 2 wonderful souls who take care of us. Jayaprakash & Ayyapa forest guide who went in search of water and got all water bottles filled.  

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