Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mukruthi - The Valley between Human touch & nature Paradise.

“The camp place was surrounded with mountains and as the time clocked down as the cold breeze setting across. Thanks to Srini sir for arranging such beautiful trip on the 1st day. Camp fire set with hot bajis & hot Tea given. Hats off to such a wonderful treatment by TN forest department…..

 Unlucky that no clear skies we could have clicked some star trails. Time clocked 10:00 PM, all were in to the tents & cozy sleeping bags, while the forest guards were planning for next day trip. I woke up at 3:00 Am, it dam chill inside the tent and I could not sleep. The fire was burning as huge logs were kept, I sat around the fire and started Hearing some animals noise, must be bison around the place. Made myself warm and went back to the tent to sleep. It was 5:00 after which could not sleep, the outside temperature was 10 degree freezing. I was waiting for the sunrise click, as we are in the middle of the valley. Sun takes more time to show up in this place.

The group quickly started moving in that area to click some macro of dew droplet and everyone was busy clicking. Time clocked 9:00 Am and everything for the second day trek is packed and taken care well. We are climbing pitchukabetta, once we reach the Top, we saw the Lake on the opposite side the view was just amazing and every one took a small nap. Remember the second day trek is yet to take it toll on the people who are coming the group. Sudhir recovered well and fit to climb now.

We started moving towards the western catchment area, the time was 11:45 am we got down from slope and entered in to a road which linking the wireless station. Lime juice was ready waiting for the guys and everyone had good small nap before the lunch time. The roads surrounded by both side mountains and clouds drifting along the path way, we were told chance of sighting niligiri thar in this area and group started walking silently, as we reached a curving point, the watcher alerted a group of niligiri thar is seen. Immediately all were with cam madhav has good chance to take as he good range Lens and he tried his luck. Myself had small chance but tried my luck with the 55-300 lenses could not get clear click.

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