Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Curve that Ignites~~


I was suprised to see this pic caME OUT WELL. iT WAS TAKEN FROM MY sONY mOBILE cam w580 i


Curves that torches each of my creativity BUD with in me. WOOOW


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The curves of My Heart




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My Jungle Home

Journey to my dream home


It was awesome, words cant describe how the wooden house looked like in Topslip, If you have chance Just stay there to feel the true nature with wild animals surrounding you



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Top Slip - Must See


I Never thought that, i would end up in having such view of the TOP slip area on the Kerala Side. Kerala govt had maintained these places extremly wel with strict rules for all the Visitors.

1. You can Book a cottage, which is on top of tree(with wild Animals coming around you)
2. There is Island inside, where 1 night stay is allowed. If you are new like to experience
the true Nature. just try the Option
3. Try visiting the Top Slip ride early in the morning making as 1st ride, reason you can
spot lot of wild animals on the Road.
4. parambikulam Dam view is awesome place to visit
5. There is Teak tree which is famous place to see.



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Friday, April 9, 2010

New connection - Valparai





My journey began from Sholyar dam, the driver needs to drop me back topollachi to stay there in the Hotel. While we where riding back from sholyar, the driver gave me choice( Jayaprakash farm House) - he is close realtive of the travel owner. I was new entry to him.

Woow~~what beautiful farm house it was.
The entry to the arm house has 200 coconut trees, in the middle of the farm you have Beautiful house. The back drop as you see, the Mountains. i can still feel the sound of the river which was flowing on the backyard of the farm house. He never treated me as guest, he treated me as family member. The accomadation for that night was Complementary. I had dip in the river, the food was ready prepared. I wanted sleep out in the varanda. It was beautiful full moon day. My bed was made basic model just with PIllow~~I was hearing the sound of the river and with Moon light falling on the Mountain~~It was beautiful Night which cannot be forgotten~ I had Plans to Visit Top Slip which is 120 kms away from his Home.
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Aliyar Dam - On the Way to Valparai

It was most Beautiful View of Aliyar Dam view. Thanks to the driver who took me to the BAck side of Aliyar Dam.




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I was carried away by the drift of the wind from the water. Just had coffee sitting on the backdrop of it. It was lost world~~~~~~~~

The Way to British Bangalow




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Sholyar DAM View




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Poombarai View Point




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The Above Pictures are from Poombarai View Point - Valparai Famous for Seeing 5 water falls