Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tadiyanamol - In Search of Kerala Exit Route


We cooked our morning breakfast, maggi noodles. while we were cooking, There was loud noise from the Tadiyanamol Hillcok bunch of 15 people shouting from the other end. They wanted to know how we got down here? they wanted to also join with us.


After finishing the breakfast, sudhir had quick brifing on the exit route to Kerala. We were 99% sure we will find the way and exit through kerala. Started exploring the route and we decend down from the peak to get in the forest and found trail along the forest.


People intially thrilled as they found some way. As we followed the pathway, it did not lead us any where. The crowd halted at 10.30 AM inside the Jungle and Jinu & Badri Scouted the entire area. Final result no way, the gang started to feel that we are lost inside the Jungle and we switched on the GPS to find the way. The GPS showed the Signal which we have already explored and from the signal point come from Kakkabe.


The Time ran like any thing, it was 1.45 PM we have decided and not waste any time wanted to go back the same path way. Now the big hurdle is we need to climb two mountain to go back to 1800Meter. We do not know how much time it will take? The gang had group discussion started to follow the Same pathway but we did not climb the peak instead of it, we walked the boittom Circumference. Sudhir and few other agreed and there was strong opposition from Aneesha & shobhana and other talking practically we do not know the way and we are taking risk some time we might end up inside the Jungle again. Badri who was Sweeper gave small motivation to the crowd stating let us try this way. After 3 Hrs walk we came across a place where we can see the Sky from inside of the forest and Jinu was sent on top to see what is there? We heard the Sound from him Eurekha Eurekha(We found the Way out). The entire gang was thrilled untill then we were undergoing some mental pressure that we might miss the travel back to bangalore. We came out of the Jungle and crowd was rejoiced in Joy. Jumanji Trek is real adventure Thanks to Basc & Sudhir for arranging such wonderful trek. I am Waiting to Explore More Treks in Western Ghats through BASC...................
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  1. memories went back to jumanji 3....
    nice notes ram...

  2. wow! this was some adventure. i know that one side of thadiyandamol is kerala, but never thought abt finding a way to kerala. thnx for sharing the experience