Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tadiyanamol - Kabbar Situation


Every one was hungry and little tried and the heat of the sun was darning our battery. I remember sudhir was stating after climbing the Peak we need to get down on the Other side of the mountain, same way it happened. As we climbed down it was difficult,the place was surrounded with rocks and boulder and each step we need to take carefully. Meanwhile sudhir, Badri & Jinu played vital role in identifying the key ways to the trek. We formed a human chain to help each one of us to climb down. We reached a point, where there was no exit.


The Gang sat down on a hug rock, quenching water. Our water bottles getting emptied Soon and the crowd was searching for stream where we can get some water.


The best part of the trek was after climbing down the huge boulder and rock, We thought the route will descend. But it happened the other way. Sudhir Jinu & badri was standing in each corner to find way, still no way found.


We could recollect the situation of Sholay “ Kabbar – Sudhir asking Kitney admi Tey,Samba - Badri & kaliya - Jinu was standing on hillock” searching for way out.Time Was running out, sudhir stated no way down let us climb up the way we came down.
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