Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jumaji 4 - The Feel of True Nature


“Time was 4.30 AM, got up and it was raining suddenly. Every where getting on top us. We were not able to sleep that night. “6.00 AM see the below picture, I was thinking of my home, My mom wakes me up for coffee” “Here the nature delight giving us best of all challenges which kept us away from sleepless night.

“Time 7.30 AM , I was searching was good place to complete my morning
downloads. The best part whiling downloading you will surely get upload from leeches in unknown place of your body. Jinu & sreeraj also crossed me in search of the same place, while we completing the work. Jinu & Sreeraj scouted he place and came back to the group stated there is man made steeps going up.

“The time was 8.30 Am, the started to pack every thing and it was raining heavily and we started to walk toward the steps and The group was surprised. We came out of the thick Jungle and landed at a place called Kabe coorg, The closet place to kerala was 9 Km from the place we reached. Just See the below pictures & videos foir your reference.


Sudhir spoke with the local and arranged a guide to explore the place in kerala, but the was so tried and they stick to one decision not to go back. We also had time and food and good guide. No chance to go back and the group decided to go the village which close by and take the van back to good place to eat breakfast. The trek ended
With out exploring place to sasipara, but for sure we shall come to explore the place to Kerala. The group was so close in entering kerala we failed.


Thanks to the entire group off 11 people who came along with me. BASC is become like home for me and I enjoy each & every moment of my trek. Thanks to Sudhir & Jinu and BASC for arranging such wonderful trek. I m waiting for Jumanji 05………… 
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  1. Good post! Could be very interesting if you proof read once before posting. All the best!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, going forward will follow the same