Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jumaji 4 - River Crossing Awesome Experience.


The time was running we were walking and out of the place where the elephants were standing before, At last we decide to follow the elephant path which really dangerous but no option was given. The path exactly goes inside the forest reach the river. As Sudhir and others were walking toward the river, we came across the the elephants & started going back.


The time 4.45 Pm, we waited for 15 min slowly. The path way was clear by that time and we reached the running river by 5.30 Pm. The group had the lunch close to the river and sudhir stated we need to do a night trek.


“Time was 6.00 PM, Jinu give a whistle. Get ready to cross river. Myself, Suresh, Sreraj, sudhir & Jinu entered the running river to gauge the depth of the river. “ Yipeeeeeee Yahoooooooooooooooooo”” It so chilling & freezing” We tied the rope One end to the other end of the tree, The group planned to pass on the bags 1st and then the people. We cherished and enjoyed every moments of the river crossing. Jumanji rocks.

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  1. wild streams are indeed an experience :) nothing like taking a dip in the freezing water :)