Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jumanji 04 - No way back - Deadly.


Best is yet to come, during the entire trek we came across lot of Leech bites and
The trek after from river point till we slept was challenging and best part.We started walking in the dark, and all our light were switched on. Every step was
Filled with leech infected area, Jinu & sudhir got together and discussed about the GPS marking of the house which is 5 Kms from the river bed.

The group took the decision not stay inside the Jungle we started to walk; The group came dangerous and close attack black widow or Scorpion. People were cautioned and moved to safer place. The leeches were singing and drinking our blood. The time was running it was 9.00 PM; we were searching for a dry area were we can make night shift camp. The place was not found and still walking till 12.15 PM.

Chinmay help me “ Grab my hand I m not able to walk “ sound heard from vijaylakshmi. Sudhir stopped every 5 min of the trek after 10.00 pm, even he had given up need some rest. Ram utter words” Not able to walk, give me way. Let me walk in the front so that I will not get missed “ Ravi sound hey guy where are we camping, where we going now……. We can see opposite side of the mountain with Light burning, as the mist covered the place in front of us . As our hope of finding dry Land failed badly.


Meanwhile, Karthik “ tell I found a different route while we were coming up. Immediately Suhir & Jinu went along to see the place at 12.00 PM in the mid night.It was pitch dark, Leechs crawling our shoes, playing with our blood.


All the 9 people stayed together and Jinu Karthik & sudhir came back and stated
We found different route, need to check that one in the morning. The group went in to strong debate “ Every were we found Litter( Plastic bottles, Brandy covers , Plastic cover in the Jeep track which we follwed) Why should we go back ?

The place were we slept was close to small waterfalls and it porn to animals which come drink water. It was good lesson to us learnt the hard way, no one collected dry wood. Which in turn made feel so cold, not able make camp fire as the entire place was wet. The started to Sleep at 1.00 PM, sleeping in the middle of thick Jungle “ Every one were damn tried” “ There were there tarpons put across and each group had one person switched on dim light to have vigil of the entire night. If sound comes immediately we need to get up.
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