Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Exit Point – Crisscross Lilee Beauty


“The are thousand reason to enjoy every moment of the trail, It comes like one flash in everyone mind and dissolves like sweet memory”We reached the exit point of the trek (Dolphin Nose in Kodaikannal),the time was 9:30 Am.


The below video will speak for it self with Picture. Now we Reached the end of the trail but still the climb from the village is one of the most beautiful trails of my life time. Before reaching the dolphin nose we saw chair and table put across, I wanted to know the reason. Just went to the same place to see it. “Believe it or not sitting on wooden chair with the table is most beautiful thing”


Imagine this , there were two trees reincarnated into chair and Table. “Having cup of hot coffee or Tea with Beautiful sunrise and experienced the same”.We reached the Main exit of the Dolphin point everyone had good food took rest.

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  1. it's really awesome.. it was cool climate and full of nature beauty entire trail...