Sunday, January 22, 2012

Velakavi - Mystic Village.


The village is situated between Periyakulam & Kodaikannal. The trail starts from Kumbakarai waterfalls and end the trail goes through the Village and Ends in Kodaikannal Dolphin Nose. The village originated even much before Kodaikannal and they have proper record shows people existed.


As per the records 5 families existed during the origination period and now 126 Families live in that village. The place is completely cut of no roadways it only by walk you need reach the village.


“The entrance to the Village is carved with beautiful trees with dry leaves scattered with yellowish and each step forward took me to the new boundaries of life”
“As we entered the village, our apatite to have lunch was growing but seeing such beautiful atmosphere around everyone of us we were lost”. The children’s from the Village playing around …….The entire group reached the village by 2:00 PM.

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