Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trek to Thambi Surla – “Mystic Goa”.

The Group had normal breakfast in Shop closer to station, while Rafi discussed the Rate card with the Jeep Guys. We took 2 jeep and started going toward the Thambi Surla area. On the way Rafi wanted call his friends to book the return ticket for the group.

Thambisurla Trek was one most awaited trek, never seen such massive falls. The Group had to cross 6 mini streams to reach actual waterfalls which is inside Jungle. The Distance to the waterfalls from Thambisurla one way is 7 kms and it took 2 hrs as it thick jungle and no route maps.

The most ancient temple in the whole of Goa is located at this place called Tambi Surla which is approximately 65 kms from the capital city of Panaji and 12 kms from the border crossing post of Mollem. Tambdi Surla itself is in the midst of a forested area accessible via a 22 kms route from the main town of Valpoi in Sattari Taluka.

The temple built in Jain style in the twelfth century. There are some interesting details about the construction which has led to debates about the actual origins of the temple. It is built in a place which is quite inaccessible and away from the main settlements of that time. The size of the temple is quite small as compared to the size of the average Goan temple.

The Actual waterfalls is so beautiful, post reaching the waterfalls we took some good clicks and I have documented the Video of the waterfalls. This is must visit place during Monsoon Time. 

Special thanks to Basc & Team from Bangalore

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  1. Hi Ramkumar,

    Do we need any forest department permission to visit Thambi Surla water fall?

    I am planing to visit it this weekend.