Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gavi - Information about the place - Part 2


Gavi Eco-Tourism a project of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation has caught the attention of tourists, mostly from European countries. The project is exclusive in many respects and the majority who visited was nature lovers and adventure tourists. Over a short period of time visitors to Gavi gradually increased, especially after 'Alistair International' the world acclaimed tourism major listed it among the leading eco-tourism centres and one of the must-see places in India.


It was dream for me to visit this place,I was collecting articles related to Gavi.Mean while I took part in the Tadiyanamol trek organised by BASC in March where Jinu told more information about the place, We were waiting for June since the Off Season would start and right time to visit Kerala. The reason it would help us to reduces the Cost. I published the information in face book and through which we formed the team from Bangalore & Chennai. 3 People from Chennai 4 people from Bangalore decided to visit gavi, for both of the group had no clue whom to contact for boarding & lodging.


Both group reached Kumiliy on 11th June 2011 morning at 7.00 AM “The Entry to the paradise lost” had check post to cross and we reached A place in search of good Boarding & Lodging, Maharani Hotel right bang on the main road is the hotel we stayed. The Dormitory cost us RS 800 for 7 of us with good beds provided. The Group Started to discuss what we need to do on the 1st day, as we have plan to visit Gavi on 12th June 2011 as we need purchase entry ticket. Gavi tickets has 2 package Rs 900 per person Package which provide Good breakfast, lunch& tea , Coffee with Guide provided to us to see the place. 2nd Package allows you to stay inside jungle and it cost you RS2500 per person each day.

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