Saturday, January 15, 2011

Final Destination - Haldipur - Gokarna to Honavar


The entire group after the big challenge assembled at Haldipur beach " Every challenge is a new discovery" " Every discovery is new learning " So atlast we are here to enjoy the trek. We reached the haldipur beach at 4.30 PM and we had enough time to have fun.


The pain we had washed away by the waves that touched our foot. We are just Offspring gliding along the coast Exploring new boundaries of life. The beauty lies in the heart of the coast line which was not explored by humans.........


People were playing beach Kapadi and at the end we all got in to the sea and had good fun. Bangalore Ascenders played vital role in completing the trek successfully, it was my 2 trek with the club and I enjoyed the trek.


Destination : Gokarna to Honavar along Karnataka coast Line.
Nearest place: Bangalore & Goa.
Distance : From Bangalore 500 km ( Tumkur, Tiptur, Kadur, Shimoga, Sagar, Honavar) by road.
Transport : VRL transport best and affordable from bangalore.
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  1. Excellent photos Ramkumar!


  2. Oh man... images are that good and i suggest you probably open your own site....

    Keep posting on your experiences.... so that it ll inspire & help others who needs to visit those places...

  3. The narration and the extremely beautiful photos give a feeling that I am also trekking with you!!!! Kudos to your energy!!!!

  4. Excellent snaps .... gives a good feeling to see these snaps ....

  5. Raam !!! You are truly enjoying the nature of earth. Keep it going.. Pics and narration are really good...
    I am admiring the pics. All efforts are appreciated. I liked the part (pic) where you had a river which joins the sea and you had no boats to reach the other shore and you had to walk all the way through the village. This is definitely interesting and tempting to go for trek.. Why dont you try rock climbing and para-sliding.. You will definitely enjoy them... :-)

  6. Its lovely.. u seem to be njoying the beautiful gifts of god.. it wud feel gr8 to walk along the sea nd the feel you get wen the tide touches you its jus superb.. hope you keep posting nd show us the places which we havent seen before.. thnx for it..:)

  7. heyy... all pics are so lovely... all are nature ... and i can see ur very fond of places like ths and keep enjying the lovely places and wonderful moments always.. it will always make u feel good and peaceful.,.. keep rocking and keep posting also...

  8. Great series. I have done a beach trek from Gokarna to Paradise. I dint know we could go further from there then.
    Are you saying there is a road from Paradise to the next beach? We are planning to do this again. Please tell me if there is a road to the next beach.