Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Climb & Decent of Mt Bramagiri Peak


It was bright and Sunny day, we had got up at 6.00 Am and sunrise in the middle station was awesome. The guide soon told us to get ready as we need to go to the final destination Bramagiri peak. He had cautioned us " To many leeches and path way covered & one more thing while you walk, he asked to be slient as we shall be lucky to spot elephants. We had split in two group people started walking, we soon spotted a group a group of elephants enjoyed the view of the group.


1 hr walk through the beautiful grass lands we reached the final Destination bramagiri peak, guide stopped in the foot hills and he asked us to climb the mountain and safely come back.


After slipping down slowly walking up we reached the mountain top, " Bramagiri" The view was awesome and mind blowing~~ the grasss beds covered with land that slips in to the beauty of the Nature


The decent was captured Live~
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