Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bramagiri - Beauty from the Inner Heart

It was long time dream to visit Bramagiri, so i started networking looking out which group of community travel to this beautiful place. I came across bangalore Ascenders, as they were new to me, just was waiting for the perfect timing to travel to the beautiful place. I visited the place in 18th to 19th September 10. The trip started with visiting irrupu falls as we did not have time as we started late in the morning our destination was the state owned guest house. It is 5 Kms from Irrupu falls with fill of grass lands and Ups and down with both sides of the grass land surrounded with Violet flowers. The entrance to the guest house you have bridge, it a wooden logs rol down naturally, 4 feet down depth is there with water following down. We reached the guest house. We were asked remove our shoes see for leeches, " From Base camp to the Middle station every were you can find them". The Narimala guest is blood donation camp to the Leeches......... Quickly we had Lunch and our guide said we have close by Mountain where you get nice view of the clouds touching you.By the time we started walking it was 4.00 PM, the path covered with lot of grass lands with slushy water each and every step we found Leeches, despite that hurdle we were able to reach the place what you see in this video..............below

Next day morning we got up early and we wanted to the actual view of the bramagiri peak, The above video has the Key to the answer, what beautiful view...........

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