Monday, December 10, 2012

Hampi " Mauthanga Hill " - Golden Rays That Surpass the Temple.

By this Rime People know each other in the Group, We have planned to get up at 4:30 AM on 2nd December and climb the Small Hill top for the Sun rise. By this Time we all came out in group it was 5:00 AM . The group was Lead by Girish . It was Pitch Dark on the Base of the Hill.Myself, Vani & Guruva in the front, to find the right trail. The time Nicked 5:20 am the Group reached the Hill top to witness the Sunrise.

Mathanga Hill top “ It Important Site to be Visited ?” One Side of mountain you can see the Ruins of Achyutaraya Temple, other side the Virupaksha Temple.This is how it goes “ Two Huge pillars of  Sanctum with thin ridge which comes and end up with Steps to  Mathanga other side you see the Achyutaraya. Here he Comes in the Distant “ the View of the Sunrise was awesome. “ The Arial view” - There are 3 piece of the picture, Left side of the Tungabhadra River which connects the entrance to the Temple of Achyutaraya, back side of temple with rocky mountain & “Sunrise with orange and reddish Sting rays hits the temples view and the Shadow falls into Deep Heart”  right side end the small stone road which connects our current world with the Past…..

We came down to the room at 8:00 AM, as girish & group planned for wonderful day out. The Entire Group Hired a Non Geared Cycle. We Started the Initial Pedalling to the Van to drop the Language. “Mango Tree – What is that ? – A beautiful Restaurant on the banks of the Tungabhadhara River” Why this Restaurant? We need to walk from the Entrance to the eat out area both side of the pathway covered with Banana Plants and end come the hotel on the river side. The Ambience and food is good here. Post the heavy breakfast the entire group started pedalling to visit Rani Bath, Underground Shiva Temple and royal Enclosure. By this time when we completed the visiting these places the Time was 12:30 Pm. 


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