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Dudh Sagar & Thanbi Surla Trek - Paradise of Western Ghats

It been long time dream for me to be part of this Trek – Basc Made my dream come true 29th Aug 2014

Where is Dudh Sagar?
Dudhsagar is one of the India’s Most Admired falls. It Originates in Karnataka and flows towards West and reaches Goa & Arabian Sea. It lies high up in the Mandovi River's watershed at Karnataka & Goa Border. Dudhsagar Falls is listed as India's fifth tallest waterfall and is 227th in the world at 310 m..

Rafi was organizing the trek, I have done 4 treks in the past with him. Just shared a mail and he add me to the List of People. The tickets were booked for the trip on 29thAug 2014 - eve of Vinayaka chathurthi, Rani channamma Express. The Group joined together in the station (10 Min before the Departure).

We reached Hubli on 30th Aug 2014 at 5:30 Am to catch the Next Train to Dudh Sagar. Hot Breakfast was served in the Station and time was 6:30 AM, never had breakfast so early. Vasco – Dama Express took us to the Beautiful Destination. Though we took the unreserved compartment, it was fun watching the places.  Time clocked 9:00 AM and I could see some green pasture already around, my memories went behind thinking of my childhood days. I have just heard how look like in my Books “Castle rock” castle.  The Entry to the station covered in the Mist, I can hardly see any people walking. The wagon slow down & the Station is in the Middle of beautiful Valley and you find everywhere Green even the Station.  Lot of People Get down in that place and start walking for 20 kms on the track to reach Kulem Station. I could not control my anxiety as we need to get down in the next station, heart says why not here and the group says it is next station just wait and watch the tunnel which are yet to come. Vasco reach’s Dudh sagar by 9.45 Am and we all got down.

When my mind said it’s Dudh Sagar and my heart filled with Joy, we have to walk for 1 km on the track to see the actual waterfalls. I could see the white milk of water flowing in the distance as we approached the Main waterfalls.  Woah – So many people came down that day and it was crowded, Happy to see every one with huge family groups. Heavy wind surpass me as I crossed the bridge between the mechanical worlds to the Nature’s Paradise.  I always have habit of documenting such beautiful incidents and did the same with Dudsagar Video. The Dream had come true and I had to wait for 2 years to fulfill the Dream though I was in Bangalore for so long time. Rain in 2012 was good and 2013 did not see much of rainfall and 2014 I’m lucky would say.

There is good place or Space to camp next to waterfalls and I saw many people camped that Day with Tents. The Tea shop is good and you get bread omelet and good Tea which the group will not forget though we carried lunch from Hubli, the group was hungry and we all had Omelet.

“The Sad part, the place is polluted with plastic’s papers and they do not understand the beauty of such place”. Time was 12:30 Rafi shared an information about the rest of the trip, guys we need walk for 3 hrs from here and we reach waterfalls closer to Kulem Station,  We might camp closer to that Station. The Group Started walking again on the tracks crossing various view point of Dudh Sagar. While were crossing 6 tunnel heavy rain started and I can still feel the water drops and just covered myself with rain pouch.

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